BEO | Prizes and Awards
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Prizes and Awards

All the competitors will receive a medal and a certificate of participation accredited by the British Council.

Each event will be assessed by BEO judges and scores awarded according to the BEO criteria.

The winners of each individual event will receive a trophy.

The scores from each event will be collated to determine the overall winner of the competition and the rank of each school.

The culmination of 6 months hard work and 2 weeks of competitions concludes with a grand closing ceremony located in a venue in the heart of London. The closing ceremony draws all students, teachers and staff from each of our 6 campuses to celebrate the values of the BEO and reflect on the 2 weeks that you spent in the UK. The final act of the closing ceremony is to announce the BEO champions and present the winning school with the coveted BEO trophy.