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An impressive competition and an invigorating adventure awaits in the UK.

Oxford International Education Group are delighted to welcome you to the British English Olympics 2017, which we are sure will prove to be an exciting, challenging, and rewarding 2 weeks. We hope that students and teachers will both enjoy and learn from the event and will return home having made new friends, experienced new places and learnt about British history, life and culture.

Last year’s event saw over 100 schools compete fiercely for the right to be crowned BEO champions. The level of the competition was extremely high and it was both a pleasure and a privilege to see so many students produce work of such high calibre, showing an outstanding level of confidence, composure and delivery in the various debates, roleplays and presentations.

Due to an unprecedented demand to compete within the BEO we have spent the last year talking to and visiting schools around the world who we hope will bring even greater quality, diversity and variety to this event. We are confident that this year will see an even higher level of performance from the schools and look forward to witnessing the work that your students will produce next April.

Whilst the BEO is a competition which we hope will push all the schools to produce work of the highest calibre, we also hope that you and your students are able to both enjoy and view the project as a journey of discovery and to learn from all of the experiences over the next six months. We hope that through this journey you will discover the Olympic spirit including values of fraternity, community and fellowship. We wish you well in your endeavours and look forward to welcoming you to the UK in April 2017.

Good luck,

David Brown (Director Oxford International Education Group)

Matthew Hird (Director THE BEO)