BEO | What is The BEO?
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What is The BEO?


The British English Olympics (BEO) is an academic olympiad organised by Oxford International Education Group, a British Council accredited organisation which has run a wide range of English language programmes for over 200,000 international students from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America for more than 25 years. The BEO is a unique event attracting bilingual schools from around the world to compete against one another in a series of English language academic challenges. The event is held over two weeks in some of the most prestigious boarding schools in the UK.




Are you looking for a way to challenge and improve your students English language? Would you like to develop and enhance the English language programme within your school? Are you interested in raising the profile of your school’s academic achievements nationally and regionally? The BEO is an opportunity for teams of gifted students from schools with advanced English language programmes to compete against like-minded students from different countries and cultures. Your students will be required to explore contemporary global issues and to make presentations, debate and perform on themes such as the environment, globalisation and sustainable development.




Over a two week residential programme at one of the UK’s most prestigious boarding schools, your students will be tutored by qualified English teachers; engaged in a range of competitive educational events; and exposed to the British culture and history. Every participating student is challenged to achieve the highest possible level in their English language learning through constant immersion into the British culture and a competitive educational environment. Furthermore, preparation for the competition and participation in this event will inspire the whole student body and raise the profile of English studies within your school.